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Pop up Parade

Join the team from Hull Carnival Arts on a series of short, fun and accessible pop-up parade experiences around your festival or event site. Meet some of their breath taking giant puppets and carnival sculptures, try on carnival costumes and get the chance to wear them as you dance and groove round the parade route to the funky music!

We'll bring you super size skirts full of sunshine, beautiful Butterflies, marvellous Moths and other creepy crawlies to delight participants audiences everywhere, animated by live or recorded music and our giant puppets and more! Participants just need to turn up and take part.

When booking choose from small, medium and large pop-up parade options.

For pop-up parade activity at drop in green field/urban festivals with transient audience, we can facilitate 2-3 short parades lasting around 20 mins following a circular route around your event. This option includes opportunities for members of the public to have fun trying on costumes, getting pictures/selfies and meeting our creations in advance of the parade etc.


This activity is for a full day only, and we provide a minimum team of 4 and up to 10 carnival facilitators.

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